Be the expert in the room

Nick Cramp, author of the upcoming book Flucture, gave me a very interesting piece of insight last week.

We were discussing being ‘experts’ in our field, and how it is unlikely that either of us are ever going to be the preeminent ‘experts’ in our field.

This gives rise to what has come to be known as ‘imposter syndrome’ thinking, which is the belief that you aren’t qualified to be giving advice, or even having a seat at the table.

As we discussed this back and forth, he said two things that resonated with me as I build a brand around the Six Day Business.

You are the expert in the room, and you get to choose the room.

You get to choose the room…

Now there is much to be said about not being the smartest person in the room, but this is different.

I know more about the first six days of a business than those who will come to read my book.

And that is what counts. If you can add incremental value to the lives of those who are you working with, then in their eyes you are an expert.

It’s often uncomfortable to refer to yourself as an expert, but everyone in this world is better than someone at something.

Be it an air steward on a plane (high pressure serving at 30,000 feet!) or an art restorer, you bring something unique to different situations.

Don’t forget that. Find your room, and pass on your knowledge.

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