Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

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Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

I try to answer all emails that come to me but sometimes we will need to set up an in-depth call to gain clarity, set direction, formulate goals and set actionable next steps.

If you are struggling to set prices, finding your niche, firing clients or helping formulate your unique offering to the market, I would love to help you work through these and more.

Read about the four options below and then select the one that best suits your needs. Call
Coaching or Mentoring Session
Medium to Long-Term Consulting


£10 – £499 – Call

Paid for by the minute. We go rapid-fire through as many questions as you want.

Many of these calls are around helping business owners and senior executives work through a problem that is currently making them stuck, talking about where to find more clients, and how to find the right clients.

If you are looking to expand your business, find new market share, or develop a better presence online, this is the right place to start.

To book a Clarity call, click here.


£400 – Coaching Session

There is a core difference between a coaching and a mentoring session. Coaching is me asking the questions to help you figure out what to do next, mentoring is me telling you what I would do in your own personal situation.

The goal of these calls is to help you figure out what in your business needs attention or fixing.

  • Maybe you have a big pitch coming up and are not sure what to cover.
  • Maybe you want to increase your prices but you’re worried about what your clients wil say.
  • Maybe you want to change positioning or introduce a new product but you’re not sure how to go about it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what your main priority is, I can help you figure out what it is, and create a plan of attack to get it done.

The first 10-15 minutes are spent getting to the core of what is preventing you from making meaningful progress towards your goals.

Read the testimonial below and then answer a few quick questions. I will then follow up to get a call in the calendar.


I have repositioned my offering based on my new understanding of who my client actually is. It’s boosted my bookings by 20% and has allowed me to manage my whole operation much more efficiently. – Elliot M.

Since we spoke I have increased my day-rate by 40% and not a single client has blinked an eye. You gave me the confidence to charge what my work is worth and am now choosing who I work with. I’ve even started charging hourly for pitch work that extends into the evening. Before I would have just let this slide. – Director of Design Agency


£950 – Roadmapping

90 minutes are spent getting to the heart of what your challenge or goal is. This will help you gain clarity, identify next steps, and set direction.

The Roadmapping sessions usually focus on one of three core areas:

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Business Development, or
  3. Content and Digital Strategy

We can also troubleshoot any significant challenges or bottlenecks that currently exist in your business. For example – how can I raise my rates? Or how do I recruit the best talent? Or, how can I find the right clients?

Examples of Past Roadmapping Sessions

  • Property Developer – Outlining a go-to-market strategy for multi-million-pound developments in Colombo.
  • Breadmaker – Designed a strategy to open up new distribution and sales channels for a fast-growing sourdough bakery.
  • Personal Finance App – Developed positioning, USP and what the minimum viable product is for personal finance app for millennials.

I love to ask lot and lots of questions to make sure I truly understand your real needs and what potential wins will be.

When our time together is finished I will put together a formal roadmap that you can follow to achieve whatever it is we discussed. You will have a full understanding of the timeline, what it will cost, and the desired outcomes.

Well, this sounds good – what are the next steps?

Answer these questions and I’ll follow up with instructions.


£1,300+ per Month – Marketing and Sales Consultant

If you want to grow your business then I want to help.

I love working with clients over a period of time because I get to see the work we do come to fruition.

Consistency trumps everything else when it comes to business growth. The benefit of working together over the long-run is that we get time to assess what is working, and what isn’t. We might need to design and develop new products. We might need to change your positioning and rewrite your core messaging, vision and mission.

Don’t worry, I would never ask you to go ahead with a £15k per year commitment right away. We always start with Roadmapping. Start with these questions and I will follow up with next steps.

If none of these work, check out my products.


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